Dear parents below are the schedule for next week.

  • 2nd March : HW IPS page 206, HW PKn page 77,78 & Exam PKn Unit 6
  • 3rd March : Exam Science Unit 9 & Exam English Unit 7
  • 5th March : Bring IPS book
  • From Monday (29 Feb) till Saturday (5 March), students will participate in classroom cooperation (KOPERASI KELAS). They will train how to manage the cooperation. They must prepare the things that they will sell to others (such as utensils).

Schedule from 22-27 Feb 2016

22 Feb 2016 : Bring IPS textbook

23 Feb 2016 : – Exam Agama Kristen Unit 9-10, HW Agama Kristen hal 66,67 bagian 1-2 dan hal 65 (buat Salib di karton manila)
- Quiz Agama Katholik (10 perintah Allah & 5 perintah gereja)

24 Feb 2016 : Ulangan IPS Unit 7

25 Feb 2016 : Exam Computer (pelajari buku cemara hal 18-20)
Ulangan Matematika (Satuan panjang, berat, waktu dan kuantitas)

Homework, Exam and Quiz from 16-21st Nov 2015

Please submit the homework as follow on time and study more for exam and quiz. :)

Monday, 16th

PR Matematika ke-6 (FPB dan KPK)

Spelling test English

Tuesday, 17th

Exam Matematika (FPB dan KPK)

Search Chinese Children Song. Write/print the title/lyrics.

Quiz Agama Kristen unit 5

Wednesday, 18th

Quiz English about Quantifiers

Thursday, 19th

Exam Science unit 5 and 6

Homework and Exam 9-14 November 2015

Home and Exam from 9-14 Nov. 2015

Tuesday/10 Nov Exam Agama Islam Bab 3,4
Homework Matematika
Hw Budha on text book Darma Cakra pg.74 part 3
Thursday/12 Nov Exam PKn Unit 3
Friday/13 Nov Exam IPS Unit 4
HW IPA Aktif pg. 102,107,110

Homework Science

Homework Science taken from activity book page 43-44.
Submit on Thursday, 5th November 2015

Homework from 2-6 November 2015

Please submit the homework as follow and study for the exam.

3rd November : HW Agama Kristen page 37 part 2
Exam Agama Islam Unit 2-3

4th November : HW Bahasa Indonesia buku Mandiri Hal.20-25 (A-B)

6th November : HW IPS (Kliping as given on diary book)
HW Super IPA Latihan Ulangan Harian hal 25-28

Announcement for mid semester report

Dear parents,

As the mid-test already finished, we invite all parents to take the the report for students as follow schedule.

Day/Date : Saturday/24th October 2015

Time : 07.30 – 11.00 a.m

We do hope all parents will come on time.

Thank you for your attention.

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